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    CBD Dog Cookies - THC free

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    CBD Dog Cookies: The Best CBD Treats for Dogs, Paws Down!


    CBD Treats Are Good for:

    • Pain and Inflammation
    • Anxiety
    • Calmness

    Main Key Details:

    • 20 mg broad spectrum CBD per cookie
    • Made in the USA
    • Human-grade ingredients
    • No GMO
    • THC Free
    • FDA-GMP certified facility
    • 3rd Party lab tested for potency


    Almond Butter, Apple Sauce, Coconut Oil, Water, Oat Flour, Hemp Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Propionate

    Our CBD Dog Cookies Solve These Problems.

    Two main problems worry pet owners and affect dogs worldwide: hips and joint issues, and behavioral issues

    • Aging dogs become much more susceptible to hip and joint pains, due to increased overall inflammation, repetitive micro-damages due to a lifetime of of running and jumping, and often because of degenerative joint diseases (DJD) such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

    • Dogs of all ages can come from different backgrounds. Dogs can suffer from behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, hyperactive dogs can be bored out of their mind and become a tornado in your house, dogs can have fears related to previous experiences, and so on. 

    CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many compounds isolated from the hemp plant. CBD works by interacting with numerous receptors in your body. They play different roles from reducing inflammation and pain to improving mood and fighting anxiety. 

    How Are These CBD Dog Cookies Made? What Are The Ingredients?

    Besides love, these CBD cookies for dogs are made with human-edible ingredients such as:

    • Almond Butter
    • Apple Sauce
    • Coconut Oil,
    • Oat Flour

    We use broad spectrum CBD oil instead of full spectrum CBD in our formulations because THC is toxic for dogs. 

    Full spectrum CBD contains traces of THC at less than 0.3%, yet, it is enough to potentially cause side effects in your pup (5). Treats containing broad spectrum CBD are instead THC-free because we took an extra step to remove all THC, and we have lab results to prove it. Just scan the QR code on any of our products.

    When we say that these CBD dog cookies are human-edible, I mean it. I ate them myself as a way to know if they were the best CBD treat for your dog, and they passed the test! Moreover, they have been tested (over and over) by Winston, so no matter what flavor your dog loves, he will find our CBD dog treats a yummy delicacy.

    Is it OK to Give My Dog CBD Treats?

    Yes, it is ok to give your dog CBD treats. High quality CBD treats are safe (see below), and there is an array of CBD benefits for your dog. Yet, if your pet takes other medicines, or if there are specific health issues that make you think otherwise, please consult with your veterinarian.

    Are CBD Treats Safe for Dogs?

    Yes. Most CBD dog treats on the market are safe.  We want to make pet safety our priority because dog owners and dogs alike put their trust in our CBD products. 

    Moreover, the CBD oil used to make these dog cookies is extracted in FDA GMP-approved labs, which means that some extra precautions and regulations are followed to ensure maximum quality and safety. This is one factor that elevates our CBD dog cookies to premium CBD pet treats.

    What Are The Benefits of CBD Treats for Dogs?

    CBD has numerous proven benefits for dogs. CBD became famous for as a treatment for epylepsy in 2018 when the FDA approved Epidiolex. Since then numerous studies in humans and pets investigated its role to fight arthritic pain (1), inflammation (2), oxidative stress (3), hyperactivity, and anxiety (4). Generally, a dog gets quite a bit of benefits from using the right CBD product. 

    Lastly, thanks to the minimal list of ingredients in our CBD dog cookies, we pride ourselves to offer a CBD treat for dogs that helps even those with a sensitive stomach, like our Winston. 

    What Are The Potential Side Effects of CBD Treats in Dogs?

    The potential side effects of CBD are often mild, or absent since CBD is generally tolerated very well by pets. Since our CBD dog cookies are THC-free, and THC is what causes most of the side effects (5), the side effects are mostly non-existent. Some of the possible side effects found in dogs include dry mouth, fatigue, and diarrhea due to an upset stomach. 

    What Dose of CBD Should a 50-pound Dog Have?

    The average amount of CBD that we suggest is 2 to 4mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. This means that a 50 lb dog may start with one full cookie, offering 20 mg of pure CBD. We prepared an article (6) outlining the CBD dosage guidelines, addressing low, middle, and high doses, and detailing how many mg of CBD dogs should take. While it's possible to have too many CBD dog treats, the risk of overdosing is very low and the safety of CBD is quite high (7), Yet, always increase the dose slowly to find the right amount of CBD that benefits your pet.

    What's In The Best CBD Dog Treats?

    The best high-quality CBD treats, whether CBD dog cookies or CBD soft chews, must have at least:

    • Third-party lab-certified analysis for potency
    • A short list of ingredients, since you don't want stuff you can't pronounce
    • The exact amount of CBD extract per unit and per bag
    •  Zero THC
    • A traceable batch number

    To get reputable CBD treats, whether those are CBD dog cookies, chews or cbd oil products, ensure that you can tick off the items in the list. CBD treats made without the above features in mind, are not something you, or your dog, will want.

    How long are CBD dog treats good for?

    Our cookies are good for about a year since the date of production. Check the expiration date for the batch number and the exact expiration date.

    How do you store CBD dog treats?

    I store Winston's bag of CBD dog cookies in a drawer or the pantry. A lot of CBD pet products are happy in a "cool and dry place". Make sure to close the bag, and not leave it open, as air may affect the cookies' status and longevity.

    Should I Use CBD Dog Chews or CBD Dog Cookies?

    CBD Chews are generally softer than CBD Cookies....which are actual cookies! The CBD isolate used to infuse the edible product is the same in soft chews and cookies or treats, but the factor that makes this CBD dog treat stand out is the natural list of human edible ingredients that you won't find in a soft chew.


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    CBD Dog Cookies

    Will CBD make my dog high?

    No, CBD will not make you or your pet high. CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant and differs from THC since it has no psychoactive effects. 

    What makes CBD dog cookies beneficial for pets?

    The beneficial properties of CBD are multiple. CBD can help with pain and inflammation, acting as an analgeis and anti-inflammatory compoint. CBD can relax and calm your dog, therefore helping with behavioral issues such as anxiety and hyperactivity.

    How long does CBD last in a dog?

    Depending from the dog, the effect of CBD can last between 4 to 8 hours. Factors such as dog weight and dosage can affect how long CBD can last.

    There are many CBD products, what makes your CBD dog cookies more awesome?

    Where to start...a surprisingly short list of ingredients, human edible ingredients (yes, YOU can eat them), high potency CBD extracted in FDA-approved GMP facilities, a promise that your dog's health and wellness come above anything else, the contributions every bag sold does for shelter animals, and last but not least, the care of a family-owned business that doesn't come with a big box named brand. 

    What happens when a dog has too much CBD?

    It is quite hard to give too much CBD to your dog since the doses at which it is seriously dangerous are very very high (3). Yet, side effects associated with CBD are excessive sleepiness and tiredness, dry mouth, and stomach issues. If any of these occurs, either reduce the dose or take a break from CBD supplements.

    Will CBD make my dog sleep all day?

    Giving CBD to your dog can cause drowsiness and make your dog feel more tired. This means that, at high doses, it could make your dog sleepy. However, given that CBD stays in circulation for roughly 4-8 hours, sleepiness is a reversible effect.

    How fast does CBD calm a dog?

    CBD cookies and other CBD treats for dogs work roughly within one to two hours, it's like CBD oil in terms of time that it takes for CBD to take effect.

    What is the difference between CBD and hemp?

    Hemp is the plant that contains CBD, from which CBD is extracted. 

    Is hemp and Marijuana the same?

    No, hemp and marijuana are not the same thing. Marijuana is much higher in THC than CBD when compared to hemp, where CBD is much higher than THC. That is why it is sometimes required to have hemp-derived CBD in order to sell CBD that meet state and federal requirements.

    How is CBD for dogs different from CBD for humans?

    The extraction process is often the same, but there are different types of CBD oils and edibles that better appeal to one or the other. Moreover, there are differences in terms of potency, THC content (THC is toxic for dogs), dose recommendations, terpenes composition and, of course, flavor. So it is better not to give your dog a CBD product designed for humans!

    How do I determine the right dosage of CBD cookies for my dog?

    Overall we suggest to start from the lowest concentration possible around 1 or 2mg per 10lb of body weight. If no desired effects are observed within a few days, increase the concentration gradually. We wrote a comprehensive guide for finding the right dosage available at (2).

    How do you ensure the quality and purity of the CBD in these cookies?

    Any product we offer has third-party lab testing for potency, it is free from harmful chemicals or additives, and it's prepared in FDA-approved GMP facilities (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices). Look for the QR code in the back of every label and you will be directed to the lab tests result page, where you can find the information about the terpenes composition.

    How soon can I expect to see positive changes in my dog after giving these cookies?

    While there are differences from animal to animal, generally CBD dog treats work within the first or second time you give them to your dog.

    Can these CBD cookies interfere with my dog's medications or other treatments?

    Yes, they can interfere with other medicines. CBD is metabolized by the same family of enzymes that metabolize medicines. If your dog is taking other important medicines, please consult with your veterinarian to plan the best way to use pet CBD.