My Blissful Pet Give Back to Pets Program


Every year countless humans are lucky and find their best furry friend in a shelter. Want it to be a cat or a dog (or any pet…), we can make a significant impact on their lives, while getting back unmeasurable love from them.

While a lot of pets find their forever home, an equal number still struggle with being adopted and local shelters offer boarding, veterinary support, and education for pets on the waiting list. In the past, Seb organized donations and dropoffs to the Animal Shelter (see picture) where, thanks to a group of awesome people, he managed to donate food, toys, accessories, and other needed items. And that was still before My Blissful Pet (TM) (formerly GiandWin).

Now, thanks to you, we can now do even more to help.
Here is where we are committed to donating 10% of our profits to rescue shelters animals.
With every pet CBD product you purchase, you can directly help pets in need, whether by covering medical expenses, food, toys, beds, treats or anything else they need.

Best part is, if you want to make a donation to the Buffalo Animal Shelter without buying anything from us, you can surely do so by clicking the link below:

Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter


Donations at the Buffalo Animal Shelter