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Where to buy CBD oil for cats?

Welcome to GiandWin’s ultimate guide on where to buy CBD oil for cats. Here we help you pick the best CBD oil and offer you key information on what to look for. Whether you go to your favorite neighborhood store or decide to buy CBD oil for cats online, there are several details that you want to consider to be an educated and knowledgeable cat parent.  

As you know, we are blessed to have three cats: Ginger (14yo), Emy (12yo) and Taby (12yo). Because of their age, I know first-hand the importance of giving them quality CBD oil for cats.

In this guide, I will delve into factors such as product quality, testing, dosing, and affordability. After reading it, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that you picked a safe and effective CBD oil for your kitty.

What To Look For in a High-Quality CBD Oil

If you Google “CBD oil for cats” you will find an overwhelmingly high number of results. It is then crucial that you opt for a product that delivers safe and promising results. Be an informed shopper and do your due diligence, aka research. The quality of a CBD product is intrinsically linked to the quality of the CBD oil used in its formulation. The hemp plant is a treasure trove of cannabinoids and terpenes, which need meticulous processing to yield the optimal CBD oil for cats.

Formula and Ingredients

Just like the food you buy at the store, the fewer ingredients, the better. Premium CBD oil for cats usually features a very straightforward formula. Ideally, a blend of hemp extract, or just CBD, and a carrier oil like human-grade medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil suffices. Some CBD oils contain Omega 3 fatty acids to help with skin, coat, and heart wellness. Make sure that it is coming from fish oil rather than some other chemical synthetic process.

As always, opt for items sourced from natural and organic hemp, verified through third-party testing for purity and potency. Also, avoid human-formulated CBD products, as they might contain ingredients harmful to cats.


This is key since it will dictate how much oil your cat should take. The amount of CBD  in CBD oil for cats can vary, with some offering a mere 100 mg CBD total, to 1000mg or more per 30 mL.

As a rule of thumb, smaller or sensitive cats will be okay with lower-potency oils. Conversely, if your cat needs more CBD, a bottle of CBD oil with a higher concentration is probably better.


What Can CBD do For Cats?

The best way to explain the beneficial effects of CBD for your cats is to refer you to published studies. That's where veterinarians treated cats with cannabidiol and reported the results to the scientific community.

CBD oil For Pain

Two studies from 2023 reported the effects of CBD in reducing pain in cats with Chronic Gingivostomatitis (aka, very very bad inflammation of the mouth) (Animals (Basel). 2023 Aug 26;13(17):2716) and chronic osteoarthritic pain (aka, bad joint pain) (Vet Med Sci. 2023 May;9(3):1021-1025.). Cats were given CBD for two to four weeks and in in both cases their pain was objectively reduced from 22% to more than 50%. 

CBD oil For Anxiety and Calm Behavior

Currently, there are no research papers describing the effect of CBD in cats with anxiety and behavioral problems. However,  there are several studies reporting the effect of CBD in dogs with anxiety. I personally noticed that giving CBD oil to my cats makes them much calmer, it helps them better handle vet visits and eliminates the internal arguments that they had with each other. This translates into a stress-free home where they just enjoy each other company without accidents. Think of it as having three kids in your home, but now remove the screaming, yelling, crying, fighting, etc..isn’t that quite awesome !?? 

CBD oil For Inflammation

CBD works in the body by binding to the cannabidiol receptor 2 (also called CB2) and changing the way in which immune cells release pro-inflammatory molecules (called cytokines). This leads to lower inflammation levels and reduced pain, swelling, and redness. Other studies confirmed CBD's role in reducing inflammation in examples of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, colitis, osteoarthritis, and spinal cord injuries. This information is summarized in a 2021 article in the Research in Veterinary Science journal (Volume 140, November 2021, Pages 38-46). While these studies were not directly done in cats, they show the potential benefits of choosing CBD oil to reduce inflammation in pets. 

Ginger shows where to buyt CBD oil for cats

Ginger promoting GiandWin Peaceful Drops CBD Oil.

CBD Oil Buying Tips: Look for This Information!

What is the Difference Between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD oil?

If you ever searched “where to buy CBD oil for cats” on Google, you came across the terms “broad spectrum” and “full spectrum”. But what do they mean? Simply taken, “broad spectrum CBD oil” refers to a product that does not contain THC, while “full-spectrum” oils contain less than 0.3% of THC. The hemp plant contains greater quantities of CBD than THC, yet, it is often not free of it. This means that there are specific extra steps taken to completely remove THC from the hemp extract and ensure that no THC is left behind. THC is toxic for dogs and cats (see below) and you need to ensure that what you give your pet is THC-free, aka, broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Why Does CBD Oil for Cats need to be THC-Free?

As briefly mentioned above, THC is bad for dogs and cats. While CBD has no psychoactive effect and will not get your pets “stoned”, TCH is the psychoactive molecule in the hemp plant. Studies on the potential adverse effects of CBD Oil (Front. Vet. Sci., 11 February 2020) reported that when THC was present, adverse events appeared very early in the study, while CBD oil that was THC-free had basically no side effects even at high concentrations. In summary, this means that THC will most likely make your pet sick, so refrain from buying any product that contains it.

CBD Oil for Pets Must Be Lab Tested

Non-negotiable and pivotal! Independently from where you buy CBD oil for cats, first and foremost, it must have publicly available lab testing performed by a third-party, independent lab.

Lab testing for potency verifies that the CBD content listed on the label is actually what you expect, and it can also ensure that the oil is free from contaminants. This guarantees that you give your cat the correct amount of CBD, and prevents you from giving too little or too much CBD, which would end up doing absolutely nothing, or potentially causing unwanted side effects.


How Much CBD Oil Should Cats Take?

CBD is not any different than other supplements or medicines we use: take too little and it does nothing, and take too much and you’ll have problems. For instance, some cats, just like people, will need a low dose of CBD oil to obtain the same results that other cats can only achieve with twice the amount of CBD. Based on what we observed we already described how much CBD should your pet take in another blog post. 

Generally, low doses of CBD for a 10lb cat start at around 1mg of CBD, a medium dose goes up to 4mg of total CBD, while a high dose can reach 7mg of CBD, and 14mg in a 20lb pet. The table below breaks down the number of drops of our Peaceful Drops CBD oil that your pet should take per concentration. For example, we always suggest starting with the lowest dose, using it for a few days while monitoring the effects, before increasing the dosage where needed. This ensures that you are safely exposing your cat to CBD in a controlled and methodical fashion, keeping your pet safe at every step of the way. 

Where to buy CBD oil for cats - table

How Do You Give CBD Oil to Cats?

There are two main ways of administering CBD oil to cats: directy from the dropper or mixed with food. CBD oil always in a small bottle with a measuring dropper to easily choose how much CBD oil to dispense. 

Some cats are quite open to taking CBD oil drops directly off the dropper. This is even easier when natural flavors such as fish oil are added to tantalize finicky felines. For cats that are mode adverse to try new things, CBD oil can be easily mixed with wet food. This will help mask the new flavors and slow down CBD absorption thanks to the presence of food in the stomach. Consequently, there will be a longer and gentler absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. 

I personally mix our Peaceful Paws CBD Oil with wet food, and our cats devour it without hesitation. 


How Quickly Does CBD Oil Work in Cats?

In a study from 2022 in the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Volume46, Issue1, January 2023, Pages 25-33), scientists gave various concentrations of CBD to eight healthy cats (four males and four females) and evaluated various blood parameters and physiological measurements. The maximum blood concentration (aka Tmax) of CBD was obtained between 2 to 3 hours after administration. It took around 9 hours on average to cut that blood concentration in half.

This means that if you give CBD oil to your cat, peak absorption will take a couple of hours, and it will take 9 hours to cut that in half. Lastly, CBD remained in circulation for an average of 12 to 37 hours, after which it was cleared and eliminated. Interestingly, there were no adverse events even at the highest concentrations (80mg/kg = 435mg of CBD for a 12lb cat) which is way way way higher than what any cat owner will ever need. 


Consider the Cost of CBD Oil For Cats.

You probably already know that the prices hen browsing for where to buy cbd oil for cats, and like anything, they vary enormously. Yet, assuming that you want the best deal, how do you decide how much you should spend? 

The first important point to consider is whether lab results show accurate potency and concentration data, and no THC. If they do, keep that oil in your “keep” list. Second, within your list, compare whether the products contain only CBD oil or whether they have other added features, such as Omega3s, or a particular flavor. If the flavor is synthetic, toss that product. Third, look at the concentration and the cost per dropper. For example, if a dropper in product A delivers 30mg of CBD and costs the same or less than a dropper of product B with 15mg of CBD, then product A will give you more for less. 

Are there any Side Effects to CDB Oil?

As long as the CBD oil for cats that you purchased is THC-free, the risk of side effects is minimal while using the correct dosage. That said, it can happen that you accidentally give your cat too much CBD…so what should you look for? Most of the side effects of CBD are transient and will disappear within a day. But you still want to adhere to the proper dosing regimen and monitor your cat, especially if it is the first time that you give it CBD oil. If at any point you feel that your cat is at risk, call your veterinarian to discuss how to best proceed.


If your cat suddenly becomes very sleepy, has no energy, and sleeps more than usual, it may be a sign that you gave it too much CBD. Keep an eye on your cat for the rest of the day, and make sure that the energy level goes back to normal prior to testing a lower dose.

Dry mouth

There are cases where too much CBD can cause dry mouth in pets, which manifests in pets becoming really thirsty. If you notice that your cat starts drinking more water than usual, this is an indication that less saliva than usual is being made, making your cat thirsty. If you notice this, first offer plenty of water to your cat, and monitor its thirst level throughout the day. This should go back to normal within a few hours.


Dogs more than cats tend to have gastrointestinal issues with higher doses of CBD. If you notice that your cat has soft/liquid stools or vomit after taking CBD, this could indicate that the dose was too high, or that your cat is more sensitive than usual to CBD. Monitor your cat to ensure that no mode GI distress occurs, and either reduce the dose of CBD for your cat or refrain from giving CBD oil to your cat if you notice that this happens even with lower doses.

Lab Tested, Cat Tested, Rich in Omega 3

At GiandWin we consider quality and safety our two priorities. That’s why our Peaceful Drops CBD oil is a crafted blend of potentcy and wellness, with a unique infusion of 1000mg of pure THC-free CBD and Omega 3 Fish-oil. This high potency CBD oil will last long enough to see the durable beneficial effects of CBD in your cat. Moreover, it will offer the added benefits of Omega 3 fish oil (from real fish!!) that help with skin, coat and heart health on top of adding a delicious fish flavor loved by cat (and dogs).

You can find it in our store, or in selected locations


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